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IUSES is a new way of teaching energy saving in every day life

IUSES is a project funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme

The project aims to promote a more efficient way of using energy in every day life among secondary schools students and teachers.
From the digital alarm clock in the morning to the light we switch off before sleeping, our daily life is marked by constant use of energy. Whenever we are cooking, travelling to school, listening to music or taking a bath or shower, we are consuming energy.
All of these cause CO2 and other pollutant emissions as well as costing money. We usually don’t reflect on our everyday actions very much: turning on a light, driving, taking a drink from a fridge. However, small changes in our behaviour can lead to significant energy savings and a major reduction in emissions.

IUSES will show secondary school students the basic principles of energy efficiency and give a comprehensive guide to saving energy in their everyday lives.
IUSES is currently developing a behaviour-oriented educational kit including: handbooks, multimedia animations and experiment tool-kit. The educational kit will be freely available for downloading on this web site.
Teachers and students will be actively involved in all stages of the project. In particular, they will test the educational kit and will provide feedback and suggestions to improve the IUSES kit.

The project will also include the launch of the European Energy Saving Award in 14 different countries which will reward schools and students that improve their energy efficiency.


The project will develop a new educational tool kit that will help you in teaching such subjects in secondary schools.

IUSES will provide you with:

Training courses

Teachers who take part in the testing of the IUSES educational kit will receive a free training course provided by experts, and including the most up to date information on modern energy efficiency.


  • teachers guidebook (describing the methodology to be applied and the use of the other tools of the kit)
  • students handbooks on buildings, industry and transport

The handbooks will be written in all the national languages of the countries involved in the project.

Multimedia animations:

  • the DVD will include animations and interactive games. It will be designed to support teachers' lessons and provide students self study material

Experiment tool kit:

  • will allow make the students to experience the concepts learnt with simple experiments

The educational tool kit is free of charge to participating schools and can be very useful for teachers to promote and participate in multidisciplinary co-operation.

European Energy Saving Award

Taking part in the competition with your class and will help your school and families of your students to save energy and money.


IUSES can help you to become an energy saving champion. You and your friends could set a new trend in Europe: enjoying learning how to save energy and money and adopt a new sustainable lifestyle.

IUSES will create for you:

  • three handbooks dealing with three different topics (buildings, industry, transport) that will provide you with useful hints for everyday life
  • multimedia DVD including animations and interactive games to become a champion in energy saving
  • Experiment tool kit: an amusing game for you and your classmates

IUSES educational kit will help you win the European Energy Saving Award.